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The purpose of this research is to share ideas about how Federal agencies, in this case the Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy, can use emerging and converging technologies to fulfill their strategies and benefit society. For these purposes, emerging technologies are technologies that are so new that they are still being researched, developed, and applied to problems (Christensen 1997; Cozzens et al. 2010; Daim et al. 2006). Emerging technologies combined with each other or on a platform such as a computer, phone, or car are converging technologies (Daim et al. 2009; Seelman 2008).

Your participation is anonymous, but you must consent to the terms each time. Reach us anytime if you have questions or would like a copy of the results from this project: foresight@foresightchallenge.org.

Sample Connect Technologies Responses

Sample Connect Technologies Response

Sample Connect Technologies Response

Sample Rate Other Answers Responses

Sample Rate Other Answers Response

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For additional information, contact foresight@foresightchallenge.org.

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